You have recently been appointed as the Transport Director for


You have recently been appointed as the Transport Director for your chosen company. You discover, on starting your new role, that transport and routing is planned on a variety of independent spreadsheets. You strongly believe that the implementation of latest routing and scheduling software would reduce transport and distribution costs by about 10-15%. (Intro/ Summary 1 page)

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that:

1) Defines the top criteria by which you would justify the software selection (software capabilities) 1 page

2) Evaluate 3 software packages against these selection criteria. Select your software packages from the following list: 3 pages

  • DNA Evolutions
  • ESRI
  • MJC2
  • Optrak
  • Route Solutions
  • Telogis

Present your analysis and findings in a PowerPoint presentation (total 5 page)

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