In this forum, we’ll be discussing examples of propaganda and

In this forum, we’ll be discussing examples of propaganda and signaling in the Ancient world (think BCE or any era with “Ancient” in front of it). You must:

  • Choose a work of ancient art. (NOT one discussed in our module and it must be ancient)
  • Describe the work (AND include an image of it — remember to get a HIGH-QUALITY IMAGE!)
  • Argue for why or why not this work would be considered propaganda (and, if applicable, whether or not it is successful propaganda).
  • Respond to at least ONE of your classmates; either supporting their argument or countering it. Of course, BE RESPECTFUL. (I will come down on you like the Lord of the Forum with brimstone and fire.)

Your post should be at least a paragraph in length. Your response can be any length (as long as it’s not just “I agree with you” or “I disagree” and nothing else)

This includes a reply to one student. I will post classmates response in message chat.

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