Your WIT, What Do I Think, is short, reflective work.


Your WIT, What Do I Think, is short, reflective work.  Each WIT is to exhibit your critical analysis skills, your organizational skills for writing,  and your creative thinking skills.  You will write a 2-3 page reflection for each WIT.  Please double-space and use a 12-point font size. It is also necessary to cite the text or any source you draw upon as you complete the WIT assignment.  It is best to complete your WIT after engagement with the text material for each chapter.

For this WIT, you will use the “Analyzing Images” piece on page 155.  After thoroughly and carefully examining the advertisement:

  1. Identify the logical fallacies within the ad;
  2. Give examples of these fallacies within the ad; and 
  3. Explain why these examples exhibit fallacious logic.  
  4. Finally, comment on why the advertising company relied upon these particular fallacies to sell its product.  What was the intended impact?

30 points

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