Typed, single-spaced, one-inch margins all around (top, bottom, right and

 Typed, single-spaced, one-inch margins all around (top, bottom, right and left)
Student name, assignment information, date in, and page number upper right-hand corner
Times New Roman 12 font
Headings to denote subject change in the paper
Article citation to be in APA style 

 Required articles from library electronic periodical databases – No textbook will be used
Atkinson, P. (2005). Managing resistance to change. Management Services, 49(1): 14-19.
Ford, J.D., & Ford, L.W. (2009, April). Decoding resistance to change. Harvard Business
Review, 87: 99-103.
Humphreys, J., & Langford, H. (2008). Managing a corporate culture slide. MIT Sloan
Management Review, 49(3): 25-27.
Kotter, J.P. (1998, Fall). Winning at change. Leader to Leader, 10: 27-33.
Kotter, J.P. (2007). Leading change: Why transformation efforts fail. Harvard Business Review,
85(1): 96-103.
Kotter, J.P., & Schlesinger, L.A. (2008). Choosing strategies for change. Harvard Business
Review, 86(7): 130-139.
Loup, R., & Koller, R. (2005). The road to commitment: Capturing the head, hearts and hands of
people to effect change. Organizational Development Journal, 23(3): 73-81.
Schaffer, R.H. (2010, September). 4 mistakes leaders keep making: How to overcome deep-
seated obstacles to change. Harvard Business Review, 88(9): 86-91. 

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