Environment history of landscape architecture

 Evaluation and assignments revolve around an item you will cull from one of the museums. You will then relate this item to a landscape design scheme along with its environmental framework (knowledge system, human to non-human relations, resulting in ecology, materials, technologies, etc.). This item  choosen is a Gothic architect stained window. It may have been an artwork, an everyday tool, or even a small construction, which served for a ritual, expressed social status and power or achieved an everyday function. In any event, it must have been produced by means (knowledge, materials, techniques, transportation, trade) that predate the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840). The assignment sequence is devised as a series of steps within one single inquiry whose main purpose is to connect the selected museum item with a landscape design scheme (garden parterre) and, in turn, position and understand the latter within an environmental framework. These three features (item, scheme, and framework) will be ultimately articulated in a well-documented and referenced 1000-word essay.

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