How has media influence obesity in childhood?

1.)** Need 10 Sources. One has to be a book. ** 2.)

**My topic is how has media influence obesity in childhood?** 3.)

**With ten articles, this will be anywhere from 2-3 pages typed, double spaced. 4.)

** You will take your annotated articles and select the themes that run through them, putting them in a coherent order that lets you explain what you know about your research topic so far. 5.) You can see the entire process on this page, but really, the **first three pages shows you how do to this** (attached also called Lit_Ex) 6.) Look at the three annotated articles the student wrote, then see how she put them together in the first part of her lit review. That is what you will turn in. 7.) 10 total annotated articles and the literature review putting them in a thematic review. Links: 1.) –> How to write Lit Review / What it is 2.) –> How to write Lit Review #2 3.) –> More in Depth about Lit Review

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