Victorian Prose Reflection Assignment?

 Overview The goal of these Reflection pieces is to get you to reflect on the learning you’ve done in each section of the course. They are culminating activities that you should be thinking about as you complete the various tasks for each module. Take what you’ve learned and apply some additional critical thought to the texts we read and the information surrounding those texts. Reflection pieces should be one solid single-spaced page, and should use a font of 10-12 points.Instructions How does Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol combine Romanticism and the major Victorian tenets? Identify at least one way the story shows a Romantic quality and at least three Victorian-era ideas the story exemplifies.Please see the Reflection Paper Rubric on the Course Rubrics page in the Start Here module for assessment criteria and the Course Schedule, also in the Start Here module, for the due date associated with this assignment.Learning Objectives 1. Identify the social, political, and literary ideologies of the Victorian era.2. Identify major Victorian era prose writers and key characteristics of their work.4. Interpret and analyze Victorian era prose.

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