Workplace Violence

Part A Provide an annotated bibliography of sources that you intend to incorporate into your doctoral research project…my report is under-reported workplace violence The sources in your list should meet the following requirements: At least eight sources. Note: To earn a Distinguished score, you will want to include at least ten sources. All sources must be scholarly, and written within the past eight years (unless you can defend the use of an older source as the best available option). The list of sources, when taken as a whole, should: Offer clear contributions to the doctoral research project that you describe in Part B. Present a range of themes from units of this course. Demonstrate APA formatting. Each of your annotations should address all the following requirements: Provide a brief synopsis of this source in no more than two sentences. State the main idea(s) or conclusion(s) offered by the source (not just the ones you find useful). Distinguished score: Your synopsis is written with the clarity and conciseness that a doctoral research proposal would require. Describe the relevance of this source to your doctoral research project and/or how you plan to use it. Keep this to a few sentences, but be specific about some of the ideas, models, or theories you believe you will want to incorporate. Distinguished score: Your descriptions show the precision and quality of research that would be required in the research project itself. Part B In a scholarly essay format, respond to the following requirements: Briefly describe your intended doctoral research project (in approximately 2–4 paragraphs). Explain how your research project takes into consideration the historical contexts of human resource management. Analyze the social and economic events that impact your doctoral research project, based on your readings for this course. Distinguished score: Your analysis shows the level of interpretive quality that will be required in the research project itself. Describe how your doctoral research project might integrate some of the theory and practices you have listed in your annotated bibliography and/or from the course readings to design HRM strategies for more innovative, creative workplaces. Distinguished score: Your description should note how your research project can contribute to the larger field of HRM scholarship. Use the readings from this course and/or your annotated bibliography to describe ways that the shifting role of human resources professionals might shape the content of your doctoral research project. Refer to the scoring guide for information on how you will be graded. Formatting Requirements Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message. APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12­-point font.

#Workplace #Violence

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