Write an outline that explains what classism is and how it affects

 Purpose: In the last essay, you were introduced to class and classism. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “class” as “a group sharing the same economic or social status” and “classism” as “prejudice or discrimination based on class.” There are many different ways in which class discrimination occurs and exists in our society. However, people often argue that individuals are in full control of their own class privilege, that if they just work hard enough they will be able to achieve the “American Dream.” In this essay, you’ll be taking a stance on and supporting your perspective on this issue. Readings: •“Classic Classism in Class” by Denise Horn from Inside Higher Ed •“An Examination of the Moderating Effects of the High School Socioeconomic Context on College Enrollment” by Engberg & Wolniak •“Crossing Class Boundaries” by bell hooks from class matters:WHERE WE STAND •“Industry: ‘The Buckle in America’s Energy Belt’” by Arlie Russel Hochschild from Strangers in Their Own Land •“Freedom of Movement” by Robin DiAngelo from White Fragility −You must use a total of 3-6 sources. −You must use at least 2 of the assigned readings though you may use more. −You must use 3-4 reliable sources found through research. −One of your outside sources must be an academic journal article.

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