“Boeing’s High-Flying Approach to HRPlanning and Recruitment”

You will have your choice of which two cases you choose from the listing in Week Eight for the first case.Select the cases that most interestyou:Each written case paper should be four pages in length, and include the following: Summarize case issues / problems by identifying and stating all issues and recognizing all pertinent factors. Analysis / recommendations: Analysis should correctly identify symptoms, causes, important factors, and use terminology fully and correctly. The range of recommendations and solutions should be consistent with the issues. Close with concluding paragraph(s) with your overall thoughts about the case. Use first personwhere appropriate. The case study response should include content drawn from the textbook, including drawing on the questions presented at the end of the case to address what content to use from the chapter(s) in your response. APA in-text citations or References page are NOT required for this assignment since our textbook is the reference source. If outside sources are included,then cite themand our textbook,and prepare a References page Choose ONE of the following cases from these chapters to analyze:

CH 4 Page 122“How Google Searches for the Right Job Requirements” CH 5 Pages 158 “Boeing’s High-Flying Approach to HRPlanning and Recruitment” CH 6 Pages 189“How Gild Creates Golden Opportunitiesfor Underappreciated Workers” CH 7 Pages 223“Goodyear’s Training Helps Keep Workers Safe

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