An essay that compares the situations of Muslim French in France and

1) Muslim French and Mexican migrants in the U.S. experience considerable difficulties in the countries in which they live. Using the ethnographies of Mayanthi Fernando (the assigned chapters from The Republic Unsettled) and Seth Holmes (the assigned chapters from Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies) write an essay that compares the situations of Muslim French in France and Mexican immigrants in the U.S. How are their situations similar and different? What are similarities and differences in the sources of the difficulties they face? {What processes or structures produce their conditions?} What lessons can we draw about the politics of exclusion and inclusion within contemporary nation-states?

The best essays will demonstrate a nuanced understanding of key arguments and concepts in the texts while providing well thought out comparisons between the two cases.Food for Thought: Remember that Muslim French studied by Fernando are mostly citizens of France, whereas the Mexican migrants studied by Holmes are mostly not citizens of the U.S. This has important implications you should consider but does it mean that formal citizenship means full inclusion?

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