Dashboard Analysis and Nursing Plan

For this week’s assignment, we will apply your recent learnings related to NDNQI. So, once we collect this data on core measures, we need a mechanism to standardize, track, and report findings to the facility. NDNQI tracks patient outcomes in relation to nursing staff data, and how the nurse’s involvement in these core measures has a direct impact on the numbers. We will see how what we do every day with our patients is directly impacting them and how we need to make improvements. You have studied the provided dashboard and begun to delve into the data provided. Once you have looked at the data, you will begin to correlate the findings. Once you have a grasp of the data and correlations, you will begin to formulate a nursing action plan. You are very familiar with a nursing care plan–which is geared towards a single patient and that patients desired outcomes. For this assignment, you will be devising a nursing action plan. A nursing action will devise a plan for a population of patients. For instance, if you find patients on a nursing unit have a high rate of falls, what can the nurse do to help ensure the organizations strategic agenda which includes no patient falls, how can the nurse meet accountability standards and be an advocate for his/her patients? For this week’s assignment, you only need to showcase one data point. You can discuss more than one if you choose, for instance the nurses response to pain may be related to, or a direct factor to the patient’s fall rates. But when you go into your deeper discussion–choose only one to focus on for that piece. Same with your action plan–focus on the same one as you chose to use in your discussion paragraph. You are to provide a plan of action to address those data points that need improvement. Look at the target number for the unit. Then look at the actual number for the unit. Determine if there is a positive or negative variance between these two numbers. And remember some actual numbers you want to be higher than target numbers and some actual numbers you want to be lower than target numbers. For instance, if the facility had a high rate of falls over the 4 quarters without much substantial improvement in the data, this would represent a negative variance. And you would address this in your plan of action. For instance, hourly rounding, side rails up x 3, non-slip footie’s, fall risk signs, call before fall instructions, etc. An action plan is not the same as a nursing care plan. A nursing care plan is individualized to one patient. A nursing action plan is looking at an aggregate or population of patients to address specific needs based on the data results–and hopefully in a very timely manner so the nursing behaviors; or lack of nursing behaviors do not continue. You should include in your discussion the data points for all 4 quarters chronologically and where they are in relation to the target numbers. Hope this helps. As a reminder, this is a scholarly paper. Make sure you follow the assignment rubric for the topics to be discussed in the paper. If you don’t have much experience with scholarly writing, such as first person versus second person versus third person, work with Walden’s writing team for assistance. And as a reminder, make sure you submit this assignment to Safe Assign, which is required for this assignment.

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