Reflective Paper on A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer

 The purpose of this assignment is to personally reflect and react to one of the following memoirs (or novels based on a true experience). The reflective paper is not a summary of the content of the reading. Rather, it is a personal reflection and reaction to the reading. Therefore, provide only one or two short paragraphs summarizing the main ideas presented in the book. The rest of the paper should focus on your critical reflections, addressing the questions below, and personal response. 1. What was the impact of child maltreatment and/ or trauma on the child(ren) across the domains of functioning? 2. Explore the barriers to, and opportunities for, prevention, intervention, and response in this particular case. 3. What, if any, were the roles of the professionals in the case? 4. What diversity dimensions were identified with the child and family, and what was the impact thereof? 5. In what ways could a professional from your future discipline support and encourage the promotion of resilience in this child and family? It is the student’s responsibility to secure a copy of the book, through a local retailer, the public or University library, or online. If you have any difficulty finding the book, please contact the instructor as soon as possible. A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer

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