The product is Keurig-SWOT Analysis

Only use this source for reference/sources SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is an essential part of marketing planning. To complete this assignment, your team must choose one simple product (or service). It can be a new product or an existing product in a current market. Whatever you choose, make it sure that you are familiar with the product (service) characteristics (i.e., price, quality, etc.). Basically, you need to assume that you are a product manager of the product in your company. Then, consider that you need to develop a marketing plan for the product (or service) that will be introduced in Hayward, CA next year. Conduct first a situation analysis using what you learned in the class. Then, provide what you believe to be the 2 most significant elements of each dimension of SWOT for your Keurig (my product) The product  chosen is Keurig. 

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