E-Health (Eletronic Health)

 Topic: eHealth (Electronic Health) View the following TEDTalk video: Meet e-Patient Dave: Dave deBronkart https://www.ted.com/talks/dave_debronkart_meet_e_patient_dave?language=en 16 Minutes 31 Seconds – The topic this week is ePatients and eHealth. Summarize the video and include your reflections on the information shared through the video. -Post your thoughts on what it means to be an ePatient in the 21 century. Does it change the doctor-patient relationship? – What do you think are the positive and negative points of the ePatient revolution? – Post at least one link to an e.g. journal article, website or video that relates to this topic and you think would be helpful and interesting when shared with your classmates. Be certain that your link is from a reputable source (journal article, government website). Wikipedia, YouTube, Buzzfeed and similar sites are not considered reputable. Write a few sentences or small paragraph describing your link and test your link once you post. You will not get full credit if your link is not live. Your post should include resources and information about ePatients. – Post a minimum of 500 words and you must comment (respond) to at least two of your classmates. Not posting to the course BLOG by the time/date will result in an absence and no grade which that will affect your final grade. Make sure that the link you are providing in your BLOG is a Live Link.

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