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Please follow the steps below to complete your assignment.

  1. Select an interest group (AARP, AHIP, Coalition for Health Services Research, Emergency Nurses Association, Pharma)
  2. Discuss how they are pushing their agenda (i.e., mechanisms used to influence policy makers), key obstacles, and spending (consult the Center for Responsible Politics,
  3. Investigate the interest group’s website and review their position statements, testimony, and consult media reports to obtain more information on the group’s lobbying efforts.

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In this assignment, students are required to select an interest group related to the medical field and examine how they are pushing their agenda, the key obstacles they face, and their spending. The assignment also instructs students to investigate the interest group’s website, review their position statements and testimonies, and consult media reports for further information on their lobbying efforts.

For this assignment, I would recommend selecting the interest group AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans). AHIP is a national trade association that represents health insurance providers in the United States.

AHIP pushes its agenda through various mechanisms to influence policy makers. They engage in extensive lobbying efforts, which involve creating relationships with members of Congress, providing financial support to political campaigns, and actively participating in the policy-making process. AHIP also utilizes grassroots campaigns to mobilize public support for their initiatives, conducts research to support their positions, and communicates their message through media and press releases.

Key obstacles faced by AHIP include a diverse political landscape and competing interests from other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Their policy positions often involve balancing the needs of insurance providers, healthcare providers, and consumers. AHIP also faces challenges related to public perception and criticism of the health insurance industry.

In terms of spending, AHIP’s financial resources are significant. According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, AHIP spent a substantial amount on lobbying activities in recent years. In 2020, their lobbying expenditures reached over $6 million. This spending is aimed at supporting their advocacy efforts and influencing policy decisions that impact the health insurance industry.

By investigating AHIP’s website, reviewing their position statements and testimonies, and consulting media reports, students can gain a better understanding of AHIP’s lobbying efforts. These sources will provide insights into AHIP’s priorities, the issues they focus on, and the strategies they employ to advance their agenda. Students should critically analyze the information obtained to evaluate the effectiveness of AHIP’s advocacy efforts and consider the potential implications for healthcare policy.

Overall, this assignment will provide students with an opportunity to explore the role of interest groups in shaping healthcare policy and gain a deeper understanding of the strategies used by AHIP to influence policy makers.

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