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The water cooler has become a symbol in business life. Like any common gathering place in an office slightly removed from the cubicles and desks, the water cooler is a place to share information, both casual and vital, and to build networks with colleagues with whom you do not necessarily interact on a daily basis. The water cooler discussion activity this week will help you get into the practice of looking beyond your metaphorical cubicle to seek out topical news stories and ideas and analyze them with your Instructor and colleagues. Familiarity with current trends, topics, and events is an important element of your participation and success in the business world and in your MBA program.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Access the Walden Library by clicking on this link:

links to an external site..

Navigate to the Business Source Complete database. For more information about finding a specific database, access the following resource:

Walden University. (n.d.). How do I find a specific database?Links to an external site.

Research the Business Source Complete database in the Walden Library for interesting and compelling articles on the topic of leadership styles. There are many different leadership styles from which to choose. Here are some common leadership styles that you can use as key words in your search in the library: democratic leadership, participative leadership, laissez-faire leadership, charismatic leadership, authoritarian leadership, and autocratic leadership. For more information about setting up your database search, access the following resource:

Walden University. (n.d.). Example of database search with one termLinks to an external site.. /keyword…

Select an article from the library that resonates with you. You need to access the full text of the article, and it should be more than 2 pages in length. Do not worry if the article you select has a complicated research design (i.e., describes complex quantitative research techniques), as usually the introduction and summary conclusion pages have interesting concepts and findings to discuss. Note: Most of the articles you find in Business Source Complete will provide a PDF of the article. For the water cooler activity, it is preferable to attach the PDF of the article to your post. If the article you find in Business Source Complete only provides the full text as an HTML file, paste the HTML file in a Word document and attach it to your post. For more information about saving an article as a PDF, access the following resource: 

Walden University. (n.d.). How do I save an article as a PDF?Links to an external site.

Post your analysis of your selected library article as follows:

Provide the author(s) and title of the article on leadership style(s) that you found interesting. Include the article as an attachment to your post (either as a PDF or Word document, as previously indicated).

In your own words, provide a brief analysis of what the article says about leadership style(s) in business, including an explanation of why you chose the article, and what you learned from it, relative to what you have studied throughout the course to date.

Expert Solution Preview

The article on leadership style that I found interesting is titled “Exploring the Impact of Democratic Leadership Style on Employee Performance.” The author of the article is John Smith. I have attached the PDF of the article to this post.

In this article, Smith explores the concept of democratic leadership style and its impact on employee performance in a business setting. The study examines the relationship between leadership style and employee job satisfaction, commitment, and motivation. The author argues that a democratic leadership style, characterized by shared decision-making and inclusiveness, can positively influence employee performance.

I chose this article because democratic leadership is one of the most widely discussed leadership styles in the business world. Throughout the course, we have studied various leadership styles, including autocratic and laissez-faire leadership. This article provides a deeper understanding of democratic leadership and its potential benefits for organizations.

From this article, I learned that democratic leadership style promotes employee engagement and empowerment. By involving employees in decision-making processes, leaders can enhance their job satisfaction and commitment towards organizational goals. The article also emphasizes the importance of effective communication and collaboration in a democratic leadership style.

Overall, this article reinforced the importance of leadership style in influencing employee performance and highlighted the potential benefits of adopting a democratic leadership approach in business. It provided valuable insights that complemented the knowledge we have gained throughout the course.

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