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For these 2 papers, please write a short little feedback response about what was good but also something that could have been added.

This was the original case and the pdf’s attached are the answers provided:

Ms. N is an 80-year-old female who experienced a syncopal (fainting) episode when at home washing dishes. She was not injured when she fell. She has no other new symptoms. She has smoked 1 ppd (pack per day) for 30 years. She lives alone in a 1 story home. She has 3 cats and 2 grandsons who check on her weekly. She takes public transportation to the senior center in town once a week for lunch and activities. During physical exam, you note a systolic ejection murmur.

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Hello Ms. N,

Thank you for providing your case for review. I appreciate the effort you have put into your paper. You have successfully presented the relevant information regarding the patient’s background, medical history, and current symptoms. Your paper has a clear structure and is easy to follow.

One aspect that could have been added to your paper is a detailed description of the syncopal episode. It would have been helpful to know the duration of the episode, any prodromal symptoms, and if there were any triggers or precipitating factors. This information would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition and could help in determining the underlying cause of the syncopal episode.

Overall, great job on your paper! Keep up the good work and continue to provide detailed and comprehensive information in your future case presentations.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

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