Reply back to each post. The reply should be at least 250 words, unique, contain 2 citations (1 peer reviewed article and 1 applicable scripture),

Reply back to each post. The reply should be at least 250 words, unique, contain 2 citations (1 peer reviewed article and 1
applicable scripture), use different sources, and add educational content. Any sources cited must
have been published within the last five (5) years and cited in APA format. Acceptable sources
include peer reviewed journal articles. A doi/url is needed to earn credit for sources.

Post 1

The homeless crisis in this Country is no secret. There is an epidemic of homelessness even in areas such as Dana Point, California. My hometown has a steady population even with services of all kinds available. The issues identified when it comes to the health of homeless people is the general distrust of the health care system, services prioritizing psychological needs, and delayed seeking of help before health issues become severe (Becker, 2021). When it comes to one of the most important factors of support there seems to be a disconnect. Some ways this could get better is building rapport and communication between health care workers and homeless, ultimately building trust. Education of health needs and what condition or issues to notice in the body, financial support and coverage. Substance abuse in Dana Point is a massive issue not only here but around the nation. Substance abuse has destroyed lives and killed many people for years. There are many ideas and theories about which way to turn. According to a peer reviewed study a belief of a holistic approach could be promising. First by understanding it as a multifaceted issue and having a dynamic response. This would mean starting with early education in schools, treatment options such as counseling of various degrees, emphasizing a support system and peer network, collaboration with policy makers to increase helpful laws (T. Wing Lo, 2020). These potential solutions would target many of the areas that are lacking. Substance abuse and homelessness are some of the most difficult and hardest social issues our Country faces today. Attacking the problem early seems to be a theme across the board for helping people. When a problem gets worse over a long period of time it is generally much tougher to manage. The solutions from both articles of substance abuse and homelessness both have a focus on communication and trust. As well as the importance of building relationships whether it’s peers or health care workers. It is so easy to ignore these issues as a member of Dana Point being in a wealthier area, turning a blond eye to the issues seems to be what most people do. I am surprised that no one talks about these issues going on around all of us on a daily basis and that people would rather talk about topics that don’t actually matter at the end of the day.  I want to be effective in the sense of keeping these topics in conversations and not shying away from seeking solutions and help.

Post 2

During my exploration of the Social Environment Assessment, I stumbled upon some intriguing revelations about our community. One of the most striking pieces of information was the crime rate in Show Low, Arizona, which I discovered through the neighborhood scout website featured in my PowerPoint. Shockingly, the data revealed that ‘For every 1,000 residents, there are 26.87 crimes that take place within Show Low Arizona’. This statistic was particularly eye-opening as someone who has always felt safe in this area. 


Furthermore, I have learned that Show Low is considered rural despite proliferating into a small city. For example, in this quote, they researched what residents from these small towns describe as what they call a clear sense of distinctiveness. Being in a rural area can have the issue of a small community, which makes it difficult for newcomers to establish good standing rapport within the community. Interviewee 21 stated, “Because an SPR is not a well-known concept when asked to qualify their surroundings, the interviewees did not refer to it. Eight used the term rural to describe their place, but in general, they added other words to distinguish from the common concept of rural or country: “isolated rural,” “very rural,” and even “little bit of rural and remote” (Interviewee 21).


In addition, another major social issue, as mentioned in the essay and PowerPoint, is substance abuse. As examined in this quote, some of the population that is affected is the American Indian (AI) population. Chao-Kai, H., and others stated, “This study hypothesized that community attachment would be associated with PDM in the youths’ lifetime and past 30 days. Using state-level cross-sectional data from AYS 2018, we found that community attachment can help protect against lifetime PDM among AI youths” (Chao-Kai, H., Wu, S., Marsiglia, F. F., & Campos, A. P. 2023). What I have learned about myself while living in the community is that my community has more to it than what I have experienced in my social work-related jobs. My job showed me the majority of the main issues, but more out there need assistance. How I can affect change in the social work perspective is to help one person at a time, and hopefully, that can spread like wildfire to others. At the end of it, I am just a messenger, and God is the one that changes people. 

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