COMM 3550-1 Writing Assignment: Culminating Project Final Assignment Dr. Karyn Ogata Jones

COMM 3550-1 Writing Assignment: Culminating Project Final Assignment

Dr. Karyn Ogata Jones

Points Possible: 100 total

General description: Apply principles and practices of PR learned in this class throughout the semester to create or refine a personal brand and develop related tactics.

Assignment overview: Working independently from others in the class and applying principles of PR from your course text, conduct research and apply traits of healthy organizations to create or refine your personal brand; develop a PR tactic that illustrates your brand.


SWOT Analysis research (reference Chapter 4 and elsewhere in your course text on how to do/elements of a SWOT analysis). Conduct a SWOT Analysis on yourself. Based on general principles of public relations, what are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as a PR practitioner OR public figure/spokesperson? 2-3 pages, 20 points possible total (5 points for analysis/results per SWOT section)

2. Building on ONE of the five traits of corporate culture (constructive relationships, empowerment, morality and honesty, social consciousness, diversity) presented in Chapter 10 of your course text AND the results of your SWOT analysis, provide a brief overall/general
description of your personal brand as a PR practitioner or public figure/spokesperson in accordance with the trait identified. 1-2 pages, 10 points possible

3. Write a pitch letter
that describes yourself according to your personal brand. Your letter should clearly reflect the descriptions and examples of pitch letters in Chapter 6 and principles of branding from your course text and supplemental handouts. 2 pages, 45 points possible (50 points for content that reflects required elements and 10 points for correct format)

4. Based on principles identified in Chapter 9 of your course text,
identify a potential stakeholder who could serve as a spokesperson or key organization to support you and your brand from one of the PR contexts (corporate, sports, tourism, crisis management, public affairs, grassroots, global) presented in chapters 13-16. Briefly describe this person/organization and how/why they qualify according to related definitions from your course text. 2 pages, 10 points possible.

Technical Requirements:
Submit all parts of this assignment together as ONE SINGLE WORD or PDF FILE. Page guidelines/estimates above are based on double spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins. Please use this general formatting for the narrative/written parts of your work. Screenshots and other images of individual tactics should be copied and pasted into the document with a brief description for each. Provide appropriate/full citations for any outside sources referenced (including your course text) to avoid plagiarism or copyright violations and to demonstrate your application of required course materials in your work.

Please double check your files after uploading to make sure they have loaded correctly!! I will have very limited time to follow up with individual students after the on-time grading period has ended if I have trouble accessing your files.

Grading: Points will be deducted from the maximum possible for writing/technical errors and missing elements following the requirements presented above. Points will also be deducted for late work, unless a documented excuse has been approved.

Due: See your course syllabus and related announcements for due date and time.

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