I need with the attached assignments. Please provide references with each response. SOC110_4002 SOCIOLOGY OF MARRIAGE

I need with the attached assignments. Please provide references with each response.



Lesson 11 Discussion 1

How can we bridge the gap in wages between men and women in the United States?
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Lesson 11 Discussion 2

What is stratification?  How do education and the 3 P’s impact one’s place in the different levels of society? 

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Lesson 12 Discussion

What impact does divorce have on children? Do you believe divorce can be a positive experience for everyone involved?

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Lesson 12 Assignment

Write a 1 – 2 pages paper explaining the main factors impacting divorce among couples across all age spans.  Looking at marriage from the social exchange perspective, how can one improve their odds and circumstances to prevent divorce?




Discussion 11

How do you assess the needs of a client when seeking services?  What are some assessment tools a social worker can use to assess a client’s needs?  What types of assessments you’re your agency use?

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Vanessa Navarro

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 When seeking services, one effective method to assess the needs of a client is by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business. This entails comprehending the client’s business, the organization model, and the competitive environment. This expertise may assist in identifying the client’s requirements and any obstacles. Furthermore, it is essential to inquire with the client on their immediate and future objectives. These objectives may include enhancing revenue, enhancing client contentment, or going into unexplored possibilities. Additional methods for evaluating a client’s requirements include identifying the Client’s Needs and establishing which services or solutions might assist them in attaining their objectives. This may include doing a requirements assessment or gap analysis. Additional methods for evaluating a client’s requirements include prioritizing their demands, formulating a plan, and ensuring ongoing communication. Social workers possess a range of evaluation techniques that they might use to comprehend and tackle the demands of their clients. The patient health questionnaire is a diagnostic instrument used to screen, diagnose, monitor, and assess the intensity of depression in a client. Another tool available is the Self-Assessment Template, which serves the purpose of assessing and evaluating an individual’s talents and performance. The type of assessment the agency I work at uses are mindful attention awareness scale. This is a way to measure psychological awareness.

Stefanie Reep

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When assessing the needs of a client you need to use these strategies. 

1.  Gather relevant information

2.  Identify the presenting problem

3.  Assess the client’s strengths and resources

4.  Formulate goals and objectives

5.  Select appropriate interventions

6.  Document and evaluate the assessment (Islam & Ruffin, 2023)

When gathering information from a client you should always try and use open-ended questions that invite them to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and aspirations. You should always listen actively and show empathy. Working together with the client will help build a good rapport and help to build trust. These are all important when assessing a client. 

Assessment tools a social worker can use are the questioning model, the procedural model, and the exchange model. Other tools may include ecomaps, culturagrams, genograms, and self-assessments. 

The school that I work at mostly works with children and academics so we don’t use the same assessments that a social worker would use but we do use behavioral and academic assessments. We also work with an outside agency that supplies us with social workers. The assessments these social workers used were questionnaires from the parents and the teachers and a Virtual assessment. Our students have never met these social workers in person. 


Islam, M. M., & Ruffin, S. (2023, August 13). 
What’s your process for assessing clients as a social worker? How to Assess Clients as a Social Worker.

Journal Entry Assignment 11

Write about your experiences during the week.  What assessment tools do you see the social workers using and how effective are they in depicting the client’s needs?

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Discussion 12

How do social workers decide which interventions to use with their clients?  What factors impact these decisions?

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Vanessa Navarro

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Social workers choose the appropriate treatments to use with their clients by considering the individual client’s distinct needs and objectives. Social workers customize the intervention strategy according to the specific requirements of each client. This process includes gathering data via client evaluations, determining suitable objectives, and choosing tailored treatments that may inspire clients and aid them in achieving enhanced well-being and independence. The social worker’s choice of approaches and treatments is also impacted by their underlying belief systems, value bases, and theoretical preferences. Finally, social workers must possess knowledge of several intervention models and tactics to enhance their professional practice. These assessments are influenced by several variables, including the fact that social work interventions that are designed to improve the well-being of children in any particular community may be influenced by political, cultural, and socio-economic issues. Organizational Variables are still another issue to consider. Included in this category are the backing of superiors and the dedication of the organization. Following that, we have Situational Factors, which comprise earlier client engagement as well as the client’s view of their participation overall. In conclusion, we have Personal Resources, which include topics such as self-esteem and mastery, as well as Background Variables. The type of intervention, age, experience, education, and supervision are some of the factors that are considered. 

Stefanie Reep

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Social work interventions involve social workers actively engaging with individuals, families, groups, or communities who need help to bring about positive change. As social workers, our primary goal is to assist them in overcoming the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential. (Courtney Gardner, MSW)Social workers support many individuals. To assist, social workers must consider the client’s background, values, mental health, risk factors, strengths, skills, resilience, and goals. Working together with the client is essential to make sure both parties are confident in selecting the right intervention. Social workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person. They treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity. Social workers promote clients’ socially responsible self-determination. (NASW)

When deciding what interventions to use with your client you should also consider their challenges, their needs, and weaknesses. Factors that need to be considered are mental health, depression, and suicide attempts are at the top of that list. Family dynamics, living situations. Other factors are keeping goals realistic and achievable for your client. 


Social Work Interventions for Social Workers (complete guide). Mentalyc. (n.d.-a).

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Read the code of Ethics. NASW, National Association of Social Workers.


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