Research Proposal Paper Task #3: Literature Review Draft COMM3240-001/002 Value: 50 Points Formally assigned on MARCH 24TH, 2024 Due on MAY 1ST BY

Research Proposal Paper
Task #3: Literature Review Draft


Value: 50 Points
Formally assigned on MARCH 24TH, 2024
Due on MAY 1ST BY 11:59PM
Submission location: Canvas
Submission style: Single Group Submission

From Syllabus:

Part 3: The final component of your project will be a literature review. Each group must
combine the research conducted from Task #2 with the addition of my feedback and additional
sources into a seven (7) page paper. This paper will synthesize and summarize the topic or
problem you are interested in. In other words, the paper should create a seamless narrative
regarding your topic or problem. This paper must be rich in detail, concise (no fluff), well
written/reasoned/organized, and must be grammatically and stylistically appropriate. This
assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded as a group effort (i.e., each group will submit a
single paper). This literature review must focus on your research questions (value statements)!

What is submitted:
Group members will collectively contribute to a single WORD document or PDF that includes: a
title page with each student’s name, the course, and class section (if you are at 8AM you are 001,
and 9:05PM is 002), the literature review section, and a reference section all in APA 7th edition.

One submission per group. Group leaders will submit assignments via Canvas.

You and your team will submit a 7 to 8 page double spaced literature review section that
highlights previous research in your topic area. The literature review section should be written
narratively, and should tell a story about the topics being research. I want to know why your
interest area matters to society.

Your 7 to 8 page document will describe…

• previous research conducted using concepts within your area of focus (e.g., fan identity,
race, gender, politics, purchasing behaviors).

• Why this topic of interest is relevant to society and how it may impact society and
communication. I would like for groups to think deeply into the how their topics are
rooted in society and have impact on how we think, discuss, and perceive sports and

*Additionally, your group must include a reference page that DOES NOT count towards your
page minimum. The reference page MUST use the APA 7th edition format. You must have a
minimum of 12 academic sources (book chapters or peer reviewed research articles)

Points will be lost if:

• You miss the page minimum
• Your team submits this assignment late
• Your team does not include a reference page with at least 12 academic sources
• You ignore the expectations listed above or below.

More advice below! READ IT!

The best way to understand and fully see what a literature review entails is to observe other
published literature reviews. In Canvas, I have included 2 to 3 additional publications that I
believe offer strong literature reviews to imitate. Learning from those who publish is the ideal
way of understanding the research paper process.

Below is some advice for writing:

• The best way to conquer writer’s block is to write. Write as much as you can and then as
a team, cut out and edit.

• Delegate sections to teammates. I do not want to hear about teams where one student did
the entire assignment. Literature reviews are broken into sections – divide and conquer.

• Paragraphs are micro sections, and each paragraph should be meaningful to your
project’s narrative. I DO NOT want to see page, or even half page paragraphs – you
should have smaller, more direct, and intentional paragraphs. By doing this you will be
offering the reader smaller, digestible bites rather than a block. Think about the reader.

• Regularly consider your research questions and hypotheses. Your narrative in your
literature review should start broad and quickly funnel into your main point, focus, and
sample. If you are talking about how Clemson football players who are now in the NFL
discuss religion on twitter, start with self-disclosure on social media, then athlete self-
disclosure on twitter, then religion, and finally end at your final product. Remember – we
are telling a story.

How will I grade?

This assignment is worth 50 points.

• The literature must be 7 to 8 pages.
• Minimum 12 academic sources
• It must include a title page, the literature review (7 to 8 pages), and a reference section.
• The literature review must have at a minimum two (2) sub-sections.
• The literature review must be in APA format. Include in-text citations.
• I want to see a clear and concise narrative that supports your project. I will be looking for

the following:
o Clean and clear writing
o A clear narrative
o Explicit support for your project’s goals. This can also include articles that go

against your project’s goals if you explain why your group believes your findings
will be different. Sometimes these are the most interesting citations.

This literature review will end up in your final paper. Do not half-ass this
assignment, whole-ass it.

• Have a correctly formatted APA reference page. You must pay attention to detail. 8 new
references MINIMUM.


Due on MAY


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