SOWK 501 DiscussionAssignment Instructions You will complete two Discussions in this course. For each Discussion, you will

SOWK 501

DiscussionAssignment Instructions

You will complete two Discussions in this course. For each Discussion, you will post one thread of at least 250 words and at least two scholarly or biblical citationsin currentAPA format. Any scholarly sources cited must have been published within the last five years.

Discuss how you are progressing on your S.M.A.R.T. Goals for self-care. Is there one or more goal(s) that you have started to implement? If yes, discuss how you are progressing. If no, discuss the obstacles you encounter(ed) that deter you from making progress. Share an adjusted S.M.A.R.T. Goal if you realize what you developed was not realistic.  In your replies, encourage and challenge your peers to move toward health and self-care. Utilize scripture, course materials, and personal examples in your replies. 




Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-limited


Physical Care

Goal 1: In order to maintain or regain my physical fitness, I intend to work out for thirty minutes, three times per week.

Ram and I will work out together, and I plan to use a fitness app to record our sessions and discuss our results.

Goal 2: In order to maintain healthy eating habits, I commit to making and eating three well-rounded meals a day, with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

In order to keep track of what I eat every day, I intend to keep a food journal.

Psychological Care

Goal 1: For the purpose of improving my mental health and reducing stress, I intend to meditate mindfully for fifteen minutes every day.

Accountability: I resolve to meditate first thing in the morning every day and keep a journal detailing my progress.

Goal 2: Once a month, I will meet with my therapist to work through my emotional and mental concerns.

I commit to being an active participant in my therapy and to keeping all of my scheduled appointments. My best buddy, Ram and I will also go through my therapy experience together.

Spiritual Care

Goal 1: In order to continue developing my spiritual life, I intend to attend Sunday services at my house of worship.

In my spiritual community, I intend to take an active role in conversations and events, and I will keep track of the services I attend on a calendar.

Goal 2: To help me relax and unwind at night, I’ve decided to pray and meditate on my spiritual life for ten minutes every day.

With the help of an alarm clock and a notebook, I intend to make time every day to reflect on my spiritual life and pray.

Social Care

Goal 1: At least twice a month, I will organize and participate in family dinners or outings in order to deepen my relationships with loved ones.

I intend to take the initiative to plan and keep track of family gatherings.

Goal 2: I commit to attending a minimum of one social event or activity every month and joining a club that shares my interests.

Accountability: I intend to take part in all of the social club’s planned events, talk to my friends and keep in touch with my loved ones often.

Professional/Volunteer Care

Goal 1: To further my career, I intend to engage in and finish a suitable online course within the next two years

I want to keep to a regular study schedule, set aside certain time each day for schoolwork, and consult with my supervisor as needed.

Goal 2: In an effort to become more involved in my neighborhood, I want to look into volunteer opportunities and join a group that meets at least once a month.

My plans for volunteer work include keeping an eye out for possibilities, getting my hands dirty, and keeping my boss in the loop about all of my commitments.

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