(SOLVED) What is it meant by care giver strain and what are some

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What is it meant by care giver strain and what are some signs and systems. please explain

a patient is admitted to the Hospital and along with her is her caregiver the nurse is meeting with the patient and feels the caregiver is experiencing care giver strain which situation should nurse identify a sigh of care giver strain

A. caregiver is answer all questions for patient

B.the caregiver is sleep during nurse questioning

C. the Patient leaves during questioning

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Ans: care giver strain describes the emotional and physical strain of caregiving.

Anyone who provide care to loved one can experience this type of strain.

Care giver role strain is when caregivers find it hard to perform their roles or feel stressed because of financial burden , increased responsibility and changes in family life.


Signs and symptoms of care giver strain:

(1) Feeling overwhelmed or constantly worried.

(2) Feeling tired often.

(3) Geeting two much sleep or not enough sleep.

(4) Becoming easily irritated or angry.

(5) losing interest in activities you used to enjoy.

(6) Feeling sad.

(7) Having frequent headache, bodily pain,or other physical problems.

(8) Denial about your loved ones condition.

(9) angry.

(10) withdrawal from friends and activities.

(11) Depression.

(12) lack of concentration.

Caregivers role strain is an important diagnosis that has been well described and studied from various aspects. The core of this care plan is one the supportive care provided by the family members, significant others or caregivers accountable for meeting the physical /emotional needs of the patients.